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Whether you are downsizing, closing out an estate or business, or just have items you'd like to sell, we can help!


We have two main goals, minimize your stress and maximize your return.


We understand that you have enough to worry about. We want this process to be as efficient and stress free as possible. We'll take care of all aspects of the sale: advertising, staging, taking photos, tagging, and selling. We don't just disappear after the sale either, we offer cleaning services and rubbish removal as well.

We also understand that the financial aspect is just as important as the convenience and efficiency. We work for you and we take that responsibility very serious. We make a promise to all of our clients that we will be diligent in our pricing and valuing of items. We want you to walk away with the largest return possible.

Don't have an estate but have coins or other vintage goods you'd like to sell? Call us today for a free consultation.


Estate Sales



We sell your goods or equipment.

Man in Thrift Shop




We auction or list your goods or equipment.

Vintage Vinyl Records

we buy rare and vintage items

We buy your rare or vintage goods/collections.

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