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about us

We are a Raleigh based family business with a passion for our city and the people in it.


We have extensive knowledge and experience buying and selling vintage and antique items through estate sales, auctions, and e-commerce.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of a wide range of items from coins and bullion to Pyrex, Hummel and everything in between.

Meet Rob

Originally from NY, went to college in Boston and finally planted roots in North Carolina. A Raleigh native at heart who fell madly in love with the city upon his first visit.

After a decade in the promotional products industry he decided to follow his passion for history and all things vintage. It began with buying and selling coins and turned into a rotating collection of museum worthy items and artifacts.

He's got a wide variety of experience with items new and old. From 18th Century daggers and civil war items to plate signed lithographs and limited edition sneakers.

His passion for history is matched by his passion for people and their stories.

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